CCE | About Us
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About Us


The Center for Community Engagement (CCE) officially started in August of 2011.  It grew out of the intersection of needs in the community and Arkansas State University’s (A-State) focus on reaching out to and helping the community.  Funded initially by the A-State Office of Research and Technology Transfer, the CCE quickly has made connections with community organizations and schools to help promote their missions.  For example, CCE staff members consult with many departments and programs at A-State, with numerous community organizations, and with dozens of schools in Arkansas. Although the history of the CCE is short, its future is bright.

 The Future

The CCE will continue work with community and campus organizations to help them accomplish their missions. For example, we will help organizations develop and enhance programs, write and implement grants, and coordinate and deliver services, and we will serve as a resource center for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).  With expertise in program development, grant writing, research, evaluation, cultural competence, social marketing, and training, the CCE can address the diverse needs of community and campus organizations.  With the extensive expertise of A-State faculty and staff, a wealth of skills and capabilities to accomplish even the most complex goals are at our fingertips.

The Operational Model

The operational model of the CCE is summed up in one word: partnerships.  The CCE’s primary mode of operations will be to collaborate, contribute, and connect with local and regional organizations.  The CCE will serve as a resource for small and large projects, work with both nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and offer both free (pro bono) and paid services.  The CCE will sustain itself through the joint funded projects in which it is involved (such as grants and cooperative agreements).