Below are services and supports we provide.

Please contact us for pricing information for your school or district.

Phone: (870-972-2287) email: cce@astate.edu

PBIS Overview
  • via Zoom or at AState (for administrators, coaches, etc.)
PBIS Tier I Training Series
  • 3 days of training, onsite or at AState
    • Day 1 – intro to PBIS, components of Tier I
    • Day 2 – collecting and using data to make decisions, team meetings, assessment/evaluation
    • Day 3 – finalizing everything, prep for kick-off
  • Follow-up Coaching support via Zoom
PBIS Tier II Training Series
  • 2 days of training, onsite or at AState
    • Day 1 – intro to Tier II, intro to Check-in Check-out, components of CICO, function of behavior
    • Day 2 – using data – progress monitoring, making decisions, team meetings, assessments/evaluation, prep for kicking off CICO
  • Follow-up Coaching support
PBIS Sharing and Planning Day

All day event: In the morning, school teams share successes and challenges from the school year. After a lunch break, teams plan for the next school year, with support from PBIS consultants. Networking opportunity.

Special Topics

Throughout the year, The CCE PBIS Resource Center will be offering sessions on special topics. Some of the topics we have presented are:

  • Coaching in PBIS
  • Check-in, Check-out (Tier II intervention)
  • Cultural Responsiveness in PBIS
  • PBIS in the Classroom
  • Trauma informed support in PBIS
Technical Assistance
  • SWIS training
  • PBIS Assessments assistance
    • PBIS Assessments Coordinator ‘training’
    • TFI overview
  • PBIS Coaching, onsite, at AState, or via Zoom Meeting
  • PBIS Technical Assistance
    • Booster Training
    • Onsite Coaching
    • Coaching via Zoom Meeting (video conferencing)