Schools and districts interested in PBIS training/coaching should follow these steps:


1.  Contact CCE about attending or requesting an Overview Presentation.

2.  Complete all the steps of the checklist on page 3 of the New School Application Packet (contact A-State).

3.  Establish a school PBIS leadership team.

4.  Submit your New School Application Packet to your PBIS Consultant at Arkansas State University.

5.  Work with your consultant to arrange for your team to attend training, as outlined in the New School Application Packet.


Arkansas PBIS Handbook:


Handbook Module 1:  Overview

Handbook Module 2:  Leadership

Handbook Module 3:  Behavioral Expectations

Handbook Module 4:  Teaching Expectations

Handbook Module 5:  Acknowledging Expectations

Handbook Module 6:  Responding to Inappropriate Behavior

Handbook Module 7:  Data-based Decision Making

Handbook Module 8:  Assessment & Evaluation

Handbook Module 9:  Preparing for Kick-off