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PBIS Services

August 2016-July 2017 Training Modules & Individual Services

The following training opportunities are available as ‘on-site’ trainings or can be scheduled at Arkansas State University.  Please contact our office at 870-972-2287 or email for pricing information.  Training packages are also available.

PBIS Overview to Entire Staff

length:  2 hours

Participants will receive an overview of the PBIS process including discussion on systems, data, and practices.  Participants will learn how PBIS can help staff manage behavior, how data are used for proactive and positive decision making and how students are supported to develop social-emotional skills.

Tier 1 Universal System:

Teams & Systems

Length:  one full day (6 hours)

Participants will learn the systems, data and practices embedded in PBIS implementation.  Teams will understand how to review discipline data and develop a plan to implement school-wide practices.  Participants will identify and draft definitions of school-wide behavioral expectations and begin the process of turning expectations into teachable lesson plans.

Data & Evaluation

Length:  one half day (3-4 hours)

Teams will identify types of Tier 1 data to collect and use for data-based decision making and select tool(s) to use annually to assess fidelity of PBIS implementation.

School-wide Expectations & Developing a Behavioral Matrix

Length:  one half day (3-4 hours)

Participants will review office discipline data and be able to define 3-5 positively stated school-wide expectations, create a name for their school-wide expectations and develop a school-wide matrix that identifies specific behavioral expectations for each setting.

Teaching Behavioral Expectations/Acknowledgments

Length:  One half day (3-4 hours)

Participants will develop lesson plans for documenting the teaching of behavior skills consistently as well as learn tips for how to teach school-wide expected behaviors.  Participants will develop a plan and school-wide matrix for acknowledging expected behaviors.

Defining Problem Behavior/Problem Solving

Length:  One half day (3-4 hours)

Participants will develop a chart of office-managed versus classroom-managed problem behaviors and develop a form for documenting Office Discipline Referrals.  Teams will devise and document procedures for how staff will address problem behaviors and develop action plans for problem solving.

Planning your year from Kick-offs to Celebrations

Length:  2 hours

Participants will develop a schedule for the year to include monthly and quarterly PBIS Celebrations as well as plan for staff, student and parent PBIS Kick-Off events.

SWIS Training* (School-Wide Information Systems)

Length:  3 hours – up to 4 people

This session will provide assistance navigating the SWIS software.  Participants will input data, pull and learn how to interpret SWIS reports.

* SWIS subscriptions sold separately

* New User Trainings are also available for schools currently using SWIS

Tier 2:  Building a Secondary System of Support

Length:  One full day (6 hours)

Participants will learn how to use Tier 1 data to target groups of students in need of Tier 2/Secondary Levels of Support.  Teams will create a continuum of Tier 2/Secondary Interventions and learn how to implement Check-In/Check-Out and Simple Instructional Small Groups.

 PBIS Assessment Surveys 


PBIS  Assessment provides surveys for teams to take as they examine their level of PBIS adoption and guides them through the process for how to improve implementation to benefit students, their families, and the overall school culture.  PBIS Assessment includes surveys for research, for annual assessment, and for progress monitoring of PBIS.  Contact Anne Merten to schedule an assessment.

Current surveys available are: